Move and You’re In Motion



I’m Angel and I finished my first beach run, maybe in 20 years. It’s a beautiful beach morning on Thursday, August 2, 201&, at the Suntide II condos in South Padre Island, Texas. My brain and heart told me I had no logical or inspirational reason to move my size 12 sneakers in support of my 230 pound frame. I did it anyway.

I’m at least 30 pounds overweight and my doctor tells me I’m going on meds for various health troubles if I don’t lower my stress and love on myself.

So, the words that other people have poured into me, that I want to pass along, is that wherever you are – still, unmoving – without your thinking or feelings supporting what I’m about to say…is…just move!

And, you will find that you’re in motion! And, that counts for something. Even if it’s very little movement, it turns into more!

I’m proud of myself today! Be proud of you!

#SelfLove #LatinoStrong #FitnessModel

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