How to be Safe in 2022! And, Happy New Year!

My mother, Felicitas Telma, my sister, Claudia, and my grandfather, Angel Martinez Sr and I pose in front of the Martinez Fence Co car at my grandfather’s home on Garfield St. in Brownsville, Texas, circa 1980s.

Angel shares a story and some insights on how to be safe in the New Year 2022. Watch the video or find the transcript below:

“Buenos días! Que hermoso el sol! Y que bonito tu casa y tu jardín!”

This was not an uncommon greeting I heard from my abuelito, Angel Martínez Sr, towards one of his potential customers when I went with him as he sold fences door to door in the South Texas summer heat.

After his charismatic greeting, that praised the beauty of the sun and complimented the Lopez family’s house and garden, my grandfather would jump right in to his sales story.

I must have been 4 or 5. But I understood it all. The logic he used and the stories he told towards making a sale to support his family and his small business – Martinez Fence.

“Señora López, are these your children playing in the yard by the street? Do you worry about the cars going by too fast?

Would a good strong fence, with payments that your family could afford, be something that you would like to learn more about? Would it give you peace of mind knowing that your children are safe? Let me tell you a story of another family and their children…”

2021 was a year where the word – SAFE – came up way too many times and challenged the very foundation of my beliefs.

Am I safe from this virus? Is my job safe? Is my family safe? How about gun violence? Racism? Misinformation? Climate change? Politics? Are we safe from our own government’s efforts against us or lack of effort as seen by the Texas freeze?

I’ve gotta even process whether I’m safe from my neighbors and family and friends who may passionately share a different point of view than mine?

So what do I do in 2022?

I’m launching not one but two businesses! PR Story Studios LLC which is a creative marketing agency AND also I’m invested in a tech startup called PROMPT to help small businesses grow with short form videos.

As I was blowing the leaves off my driveway this morning, i noticed one of my neighbors on her morning walk with an indifferent look on her face.

“Happy New Year!” I said.

It surprised her.

“Happy New Year….” She replied without breaking stride. “I hope it’s a better year than the last one.” she said.

I nodded in agreement.

In the near future, I’ll share more about PR Story Studios and about PROMPT. I will be asking for your help. For now, I want to share that Hope deferred makes the heart sick…and definitely not safe.

Do you want to be safe in 2022? Do you want to help your heart and mind not be sick?

We must treasure the moments, the things, and especially the people that bring us joy and purpose. God wants us to fill our hearts and minds with treasures and hope and have work for our hands full of purpose and joy!

For more information, visit and

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