AZM Band Poster 2016Angel Zuniga Martinez (AZM) is an adult alternative pop/rock artist, film and music producer, writer, photographer, and director based in San Antonio, Texas with roots also in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee.

The emotive baritone singer’s self-titled sophomore album, “Angel Zuniga Martinez” released Summer 2016 with Morrissey and Queen influences features a power-pop version of Freddy Fender Hit, Wasted Days Wasted Nights.  Martinez’s solo debut album “The Cage” was released February 2010 at the Bijou Theatre in Tennessee.

Martinez departed a Tennessee outfit, Angel and the Lovemongers, of some accomplishment and reputation, starting anew. The Lovemongers had cracked the Billboards CMJ top 200 during their appearance at the 2007 Bonnaroo Music Festival with their 2007 release The Humanist Queen, produced by Mitch Easter, the former Let’s Active frontman who produced R.E.M. records in the early ’80s.

Angel, a Texas A&M graduate and fifth generation Tejano from South Texas, moved to San Antonio in 2012 to pursue a communications career.  Martinez utilizes his talents in music and film production, photography, journalism, and graphic design in his roles as managing editor of the Adventure Guide publication, Chief content and story creator, and Creative Director for the Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council.

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